My First Blog Post

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is givin to us.

— J.R.R. Tolkien

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am excited to start sharing my stories with you. I primarily write Fantasy and Sci-Fi but occasionally sprinkle in Horror. Consider subscribing to keep up to date with the the writing process.

The Drethyl Trilogy: Bloodworth Audio

Hello everyone! This is the first page of my book, Bloodworth. I don’t own any of the images they were taken from the internet. I read the passage, it’s far from the final product. I just wanted to see if you like it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, thanks!

So It Begins…

The Drethyl Trilogy: Bloodworth

“It’s difficult for me to recount the story of which I shoved into the recesses of my mind. On a Wednesday morning, my house burned to the ground and my father was murdered. What I didn’t know then, and what I understand now, is this would become a crucial day for the annals of Drethyl. I don’t want to remember the day my father was brutally murdered. But, it’s imperative if you want to know how the Moonstreamer Order was re-founded.

So, where do we start? From the beginning; on a warm, content Wednesday, much like all the Wednesdays before it.”

More to come soon! Let me know what you think so far!

By: Jay D. Sellmer

Bloodworth Update

I am currently two thirds of the way finished with the third chapter of The Drethyl Chronicles: Bloodworth. This book is in the fantasy genre. If you are interested subscribe to the mailing list and I will send the first two chapters to you via email.